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BitcoinCasinoPro Exposed Scam?

Bitcoin Casino Pro is another website that reviews and rates online Bitcoin betting services. Unfortunately, the site’s administrator, known as aksplace on the forums, has been accused of extorting multiple casinos. Several people have come forward claiming that he…

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Bitcoin Casino Scams And How to Avoid Them – Guest Blog

With Bitcoin being a pseudonymous virtual currency, it is easy for anybody to steal your money without being tracked down. Follow the tips in this article to stay safe when selecting a Bitcoin casino. Pick a Trustworthy Site Reputation means…


General Overview of Bitcoin Casino & Scams

Bitcoin Casino Scams Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that has been in the virtual realm for several years now. A lot of people are very curious with this type of currency especially since it’s not regulated by the…

Bitcoin Gambling and Casino Sites

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8.3 Review

Game Types There are over 110 games available at These include the following: Blackjack Video Slots Roulette Table Games Slots Baccarat Along with the main categories, there are multiple variations of each. When it comes to games like the…


Betchain Review

Betchain an online Bitcoin casino that has a very modern look. It allows completely anonymous play (requiring no documentation of who you are), multiple game types, and a special VIP club that helps reward players who take part in the…


CoinRoyale Review

Game Types There are currently five games available at CoinRoyale: Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Poker, Roulette and Dice. All of these run entirely within your browser and function quite well. For Blackjack, the minimum bet is 100 satoshis and the maximum…


Satoshi Circle Review

SatoshiCircle is a very well-designed Bitcoin gambling service with all kinds of features. At the center of the casino is a simple wheel game, but there is much more than that. With effortless banking, reward points, and a monthly draw…


Dragon’s Tale Review

Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin casino unlike any other. The entire service exists within an online multiplayer game. There is a whole world for you to explore and lots of other players to interact with. There are several smaller games…


777Coin Review

If you are looking for some interesting and truly fair casino games to play then 777Coin is probably a casino you should check out. With seven custom games to play, all of which backed by well documented randomization, you should…


BetcoinSports Review

Betcoin Sports is a service that offers two main forms of gambling. Players can place wagers on real sporting events or play classic casino games. As a whole, the service does not offer the best Bitcoin betting experience available, but…

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BitcoinLiveBets Review

BitcoinLiveBets is a Bitcoin-based sports book. It has a large selection of games to choose from, and they also offer up great support. It is considered by some to be the ultimate site for those that are looking solely for… banner

Peerbet Review

Peerbet is the only Bitcoin gambling site that does not have any house edge. It is a lottery-styled site that allows users to easily create their own lotteries, with as many or as few tickets as they want and for…

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Bit777 Review

Bit777 is one of the fastest growing Bitcoin-based casinos, classifying themselves as, “the world’s most advanced Bitcoin casino.” They have a strong marketing team and have been really boosting themselves up in the Bitcoin market, and for good reason. With…

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BC-Casino Review

BC-Casino is the only Bitcoin casino that offers up the ability to play via its website or by downloading the casino’s software to your computer. They also offer up a deposit bonus, which is normally seen in real-money casinos but…

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BitcoinVideoCasino Review

Bitcoin Video Casino is in a unique position within the Bitcoin-gambling world in that it offers the game Keno. It has others as well, but this helps push it above the others in giving a choice that others simply don’t….

6.8 Review

Playtin is a HTML 5 based Bitcoin Casino website that requires no download, no plugins, and no Flash. What is unique about Playtin is the ability to play games with both Bitcoin and Litecoin.  The website boasts a provable fair…

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CasinoBitco.In Review is a Bitcoin gambling website that offers both a casino and a sports book. This allows you to gamble in pretty much any way you desire. Along with this, the site has gone through an IPO and is now…


SatoshiBet Review

Satoshibet is a Bitcoin-based casino that has been around since late April of 2013. It is pretty well known, although it is not too large, only spanning across a few different games. Even so, it has its place among the…

Bitcoin Dice Reviews

img2 (1) Review

Game Types There are over 110 games available at These include the following: Blackjack Video Slots Roulette Table Games Slots Baccarat Along with the main categories, there are multiple variations of each. When it comes to games like the…

SatoshiDice bitcoin banner

Satoshi Dice Review

 S atoshi Dice is the most popular Bitcoin dice site. They have been around since April 2012 and offer a house edge of 1.9%. The house edge is higher than other dice sites. The site is also banned to all…

banner of Just-Dice

Just-Dice Review

Just-Dice is by far among the most popular Bitcoin dice sites there are. It allows people to jump in the game with provably fair rolls, determine their own risk, and even invest money into the bankroll in order to make…

Top 3 Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

There are many different Bitcoin gambling sites on the Internet, but they are each different in their own little ways. It could be as simple as their withdrawing speeds or more in-depth like their lack of a provably fair system. In any case, when you are gambling online you want to go for the top sites. If you are looking to buy some Bitcoins to start gambling, be sure to check out this awesome guide on Bitcoin Exchange, Find the best places to buy some Bitcoins and start gambling.
Let's take a look at the top three, and what makes them great.

· Casino and Sportsbook

· Lotteries - Peerbet

· Dice – Primedice has the benefit of being a sort of hybrid gaming site. It offers up casino games, as well as a sleek interface, but it also includes a nice sports book. To make things even better, it offers a league for sports, letting you test your skills from one week to the next,. With both free and paid games available, it's hard to go wrong. Additionally, the deposit bonus is something to really take advantage of. Check out the site

Peerbet is the top lottery site, allowing people to create their own lotteries. They can be set up for any number of entry tickets, as well as any price. On top of this, the site does not take any cut from the pots, meaning that it gives out a 100% payout. This means you are not playing the house at all, but rather against the other players.

Primedice is the ultimate BTC dice site, giving what players want the most: a way to play for free (with the added potential of earning money) and the ability to run custom margingale scripts. All of this is actually built in to the site, so there are no third party requirements to get up and going. Want to test out a theory you came up with on how a margingale script can't possibly fail? Easy enough; simply use the faucet to get some free money to play with and use the built-in script. It couldn't be any simpler. On top of this, it even offers a very nice bankroll, so whether you are playing for micro or large stakes, the site can handle your wishes.

So what do all of these sites have in common?

· They all allow quick and easy deposits and withdrawals so you can get up and running fast.

· All of these are provably fair so you can ensure that your results are completely accurate and that the sites are not attempting to game you

· They are all professional in both their looks and support, and all of them have active developers that help ensure the sites keep moving forward with new features and bug fixes.

· They all allow very easy registration, letting you create your account with a minimal amount of identifable information. This helps ensure that you can keep your anonymity if you wish.

While each of these sites are in different gambling areas, they all compliment each other very well. By utilizing all of them, you cover the very broad spectrum of gambling and can ensure that you always have the games available that you're looking for!

Wondering why there is no coverage of poker sites? Our sister site has Bitcoin Poker reviewed to the max. Check them out!

by Mike MacKenzie

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