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If you are looking for some interesting and truly fair casino games to play then 777Coin is probably a casino you should check out. With seven custom games to play, all of which backed by well documented randomization, you should be able to enjoy yourself for quite a while.

Game Types

777Coin offers a fun variety of casino games to play. Some, like the three slots games available, are classics while others, like the Pyramid Plunder game, are a bit more unique. Each game has its own minimum and maximum betting limits so gamblers with any budget can play. All of the games are well designed and have fun twists to keep players interested for some time. Most also offer jackpots for those who are looking to win big.


At 777Coin, fairness is a huge concern, and the casino does a wonderful job of providing information about how the games work and how random events are chosen. For every single game, a page is provided that displays the player and server seeds and the algorithm used to determine the game outcomes. We are also given instructions for how to verify these numbers and some games even have a result verifier right on the website. 777Coin deserves a good score for this serious transparency and honesty.

Player Population

One page on 777Coin’s website features a list of the casino’s highest payouts and the players who won them. At the time of this writing, the largest prize was 12,569 mBTC. Most of the games have the same player listed several times on the big winners list, which suggests that many players probably have a favorite game that they play repeatedly.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Normal Bitcoin deposits at 777Coin are supposed to require only one confirmation. Unfortunately the casino was experiencing some glitches when I made my deposit and it had to be manually credited by an administrator, but I expect that this is only a minor problem that will not last very long. Deposits can also be made instantly via Inputs.io. Withdrawals simply require an amount and a Bitcoin address. They are also subject to the standard transaction fee of 0.0005 BTC.


777Coin offers 5 mBTC to all new customers and 0.5 mBTC Daily! You can find their current promotions Here. They also have a referral program that may be profitable for some people. Each player is automatically assigned a referral link that can be shared with others who might be interested in the casino. Anyone who signs up using that link will become a referral and the referrer earns 1% of the profit generated by the new player.


Compared to other Bitcoin betting services, 777Coin had one of the best websites I have seen. Aside from the deposit glitch, everything seemed clean and professional. The games were also very well designed, complete with graphics and sound effects. They ran smoothly and were even fairly interesting.


The only real issue I had with 777Coin was when making a deposit but this was quickly resolved by the administration, which is a very good sign for the casino. One possible drawback is the fact that there are only seven games available. This should be fine for most people, but it may not be enough to keep serious players interested for very long. On the other hand, they were well designed and many were unique.


777Coin seemed like one of the better Bitcoin casinos out there. With a very well designed website and a wealth of information about the fairness of the games, this service is one to keep in mind. If you want to have a bit of fun with your Bitcoin and maybe even win a little extra, then give 777Coin a try or check out other Bitcoin casino .

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