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Betcoin Sports is a service that offers two main forms of gambling. Players can place wagers on real sporting events or play classic casino games. As a whole, the service does not offer the best Bitcoin betting experience available, but it is not entirely bad either, and might be enough for some people. It is worth looking into, especially if you are more interested in the sports betting.

Game Types

Betcoin offers a relatively large variety of gambling options. In the sports section, bets can be placed on real sporting events, including football, golf, racing, and more. The casino section has several slots games with various betting limits. There are also quite a few poker games available, like Jacks or Better and Jokers Wild.


With the sports betting, Betcoin is most likely fair because the events are public so anyone can verify the outcomes. There is even a detailed TV guide listed on the site which helps gamblers watch events and verify winners. Unfortunately, when it comes to the casino games, no information at all is provided about fairness. Betcoin does not explain how events are randomly generated so we have no way of proving that we are not being cheated. It is unlikely but entirely possible that the games are rigged to generate more profit for the house.

Player Population

Betcoin does not provide any specific statistics about their user base but I suspect that most people use the site for sports betting. The casino games are fun for a while, but they are extremely simple and may become boring before too long. The service is also named Betcoin Sports, which tells us that the sports betting is probably the higher priority.

Deposits and Withdrawals

All of the banking transactions at Betcoin are manually reviewed by the service’s staff. This means that deposits and withdrawals can occasionally be delayed during nonbusiness hours, peak periods, or spam attacks. Deposits can be made via a standard Bitcoin transaction to a specified address or through Coinbase. The Coinbase option is integrated directly into the website and makes the process very easy. Withdrawals are very simple as well. All you have to do is provide an amount to withdraw and an address of your own.


Betcoin does provide a deposit bonus which is attractive to a serious gambler. The service will match your first deposit up to 1 BTC. Unfortunately players are required to bet three times as much as their bonus over at least twenty different wagers before they can withdraw their bonus. This might make the bonus less valuable but it is better than nothing. There is also an affiliate program at Betcoin. Affiliates can earn 10% of the profit generated by their referrals or even 20% if they refer more than 100 players.


The Betcoin website is not the cleanest one out there, but it is functional. Betting is fairly easy and the video games all work well. In fact the games even have some fancy graphics and sound effects for those who like an extra bit of entertainment as they play.


One of the most significant negatives at Betcoin is probably the lack of information about why the games are fair. If you are a serious gambler who wants a completely legitimate experience, then you will probably prefer to play at a different casino that offers provable fairness. If you are more interested with sports betting however, then Betcoin should be just fine for you. The amateur web design might also be a turnoff for some people. One example of this poor quality is on the withdrawal page. When attempting to remove funds from the site, your account balance is not listed. I had to load a casino game just to see how much money I had available for withdrawal. This was a bit of a nuisance but otherwise, the transaction went smoothly. The delay was only a few minutes for me, but some people may have to wait hours for their funds if they do not submit their withdrawal during business hours. Another negative is the fact that players are required to make a deposit before they can visit the actual casino. This makes the website more secure, but it also makes it harder for new players to learn about the service and see what games are available.


Betcoin is completely usable and has no issues that would be considered serious deal breakers, but as whole, the casino was not too exciting. The bonus sounded good but the withdrawal restrictions were too high. There is a great variety of games to play but unfortunately, we cannot be sure whether or not they are fair. The deposit and withdrawal delays also make the service less attractive as many competing casinos offer instant transactions. Give Betcoin a try for yourself. Try to get that deposit bonus and make some money. You may find that you enjoy the website, but if you face too many of these minor issues, then you should probably start looking for another place to gamble. Check the homepage for more reviews.

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