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Bit777 is one of the fastest growing Bitcoin-based casinos, classifying themselves as, “the world’s most advanced Bitcoin casino.” They have a strong marketing team and have been really boosting themselves up in the Bitcoin market, and for good reason. With many games and variations to choose from, and provably fair outcomes, they run a great site for people that want to gamble against the casino from their home. Let’s check out what all Bit777 has to offer!

Game Types

Bit777 offers up many different game types including:

      •Table Games
      •Video Poker

Within each of these game types, there are even more options. For example, when dealing with roulette there are: card roulette, no zero roulette, American roulette, Euro roulette and more. This helps let you play exactly what you’re used to, without having to adapt and learn new games (unless you want to).


The games hosted on Bit777 are provably fair, and they utilize the “Mersenne Twister” randomizing technology. This helps ensure that the house is not cheating its players, and allows proof that everything is fair. House edge cannot be found.

Player Population

Bit777 is a highly trafficked site, although that does not mean much since it is more of a house-edge casino. As such, the only time that others playing really matters is when it comes to the jackpot, which grows as more people play.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are both very fast and are handled through the site itself. When depositing, you can even set up a certain amount to be automatically gambled, in which the system will take the hash of your depositing transaction and will convert it into a true/false boolean. If it results to true, you win. You can choose not to take part in this if you do not wish.


The only promotion going on right now is the instant gambling game listed in the depositing section. Bit777 has been known to have giveaways, though, so there is the definite possibility of more in the future. Bit777 offers deposit bonus and free givaways. For their latest promotions, check their thread. Click Here


Bit777 is extremely easy to use and navigate. There is no client to download, so you can get up and running almost as soon as you hit the site. Creating an account is fast and painless, and from there it is as simple as waiting for your deposit(s) to clear and then choosing a game.

If you’re interested in seeing your past results, Bit777 also keeps a log from day-to-day, allowing you to easily see over any period of time how much you bet and win. This doubles as a way for you to keep your own logs of profit and losses, as well as analyzing your own play.


The only negative to Bit777 is their lack of any real promotions. They do have the instant gamble option when making deposits, but there is no deposit-matching or anything else to help boost your funds for playing.


Bit777 is solid. It is clear that they are pushing to offer as much to players as possible, giving not only the general game types but the specific variations people are used to as well. The site is clean, requires no downloads and you can get up and running fast. This, tacked on with the fact that you can check out the games offered prior to starting makes Bit777 a solid choice for those seeking a real casino setup. Check out other Bitcoin Casino

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