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Bitcoin Casino Pro is another website that reviews and rates online Bitcoin betting services. Unfortunately, the site’s administrator, known as aksplace on the forums, has been accused of extorting multiple casinos. Several people have come forward claiming that he lets casinos pay to receive higher ratings. Some say that he also gives lower ratings when casinos owners do not pay him or disagree with him. One user, bit777, who is also the manager of the Bit777 casino has published what is probably the most detailed collection of evidence against aksplace in this thread.

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On this thread, bit777 posted several screenshots, chatlogs, and forum quotes that strongly suggested that akplace was behaving very unethically. In one chat session, he mentioned 19 paid sponsors but said that they pay for quality, not for reviews. Another thread is also quoted as evidence against Bitcoin Casino Pro. This thread describes a time when placed a false bet on a user’s account and would not let him withdraw his Bitcoin from the casino. The gambler emailed Bitcoin Casino Pro hoping to get help resolving the issue, but aksplace supposedly took the side of the casino and even helped take money away from the player.

One of the more powerful pieces of evidence on bit777’s thread is the pair of screenshots displaying the ratings of various casinos. The first screen shot shows Bit777 and Peerbet Circle each with a C- rating. It was argued that this rating was already too low, but the second screenshot which was added to the post a short time later shows that those same two casinos were brought down to D+ ratings. This suggests that aksplace was upset with the accusations against him and responded by lowering the ratings of the accusers. Even if all of the other evidence is false, this shows pretty clearly that Bitcoin Casino Pro does not always give ratings based on the actual quality of the casinos reviewed. Instead the site administrator sometimes lets his emotions get in the way and hands out ratings based on the way he feels about certain people.

Before we completely condemn aksplace and his website, we should at least note the evidence he presented in his own defense. He said that the low ratings were not given simply to those who paid less. He cited issues like delayed withdrawals and user complaints as reasons that some casinos deserved their lower ratings. Despite this, many people still believe that Bitcoin Casino Pro is illegitimate, and the forum debates raged back and forth for several pages.

One other user, Redcoin, the operator of Bitwin Casino posted another complaint against Bitcoin Casino Pro. He said that his casino’s review was unfair because it claimed that he was cheating people. Unfortunately, many people have agreed that the Bitwin Casino really does provide false odds to their players. All of these conflicting viewpoints make it very hard to know who to trust. This is why we should always remember to check all the facts, especially when processing information on the internet. Even with all of the information, it is sometime impossible to know to whole truth, so we must follow our instincts and hope for the best.

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Here is image of aksplace paying people for reviews to boost certain sites and of course, the reviews are heavily moderated.

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