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BitcoinLiveBets is a Bitcoin-based sports book. It has a large selection of games to choose from, and they also offer up great support. It is considered by some to be the ultimate site for those that are looking solely for a sports book. With their extensive library, you are bound to find exactly the game you want to bet on.

Games Offered

BitcoinLiveBets offers up many different sports. The ones it has are as follows:

      • Soccer
      • American Football
      • Baseball
      • Basketball
      • Darts
      • Ice Hockey
      • Golf
      • Handball
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
      • Snooker
      • Aussie Rules
      • Rugby Union
      • Badminton

Below each of these supported sports, there are even more branches, allowing you to find exactly the game you’re looking for.


All games are public record, and they also store a history. Because of this, you can easily go back and verify anything you need, in order to make sure the results you got are what you expected. House Edge Not Provided. But they have installed a financial buffer to pay out high wins.

Player Population

The population of players at this site is decent, although all bets are against the house and not other players. Because of this, population has no real impact.

Deposits and Withdrawals

All deposits are handled automatically and all withdrawals are currently handled within 12 hours. The goal is to eventually get the withdrawals to where they run automatically in the future.


Current promotions can be found Here. The site tends to offer promotions on a daily basis via the forums. Check daily and often. Additionally, they also offer an affiliate system that pays 1% of all bets made by your downline, regardless as to whether or not they win. This means you are not bound to the house edge and earn either way.


The site is easy to use and is pretty smooth overall. Signing up a new account takes only a matter of seconds, so it’s easy to get up and going. Finding games you want to bet on is also made pretty easy by the different options available for each one. Pretty much you can just sign up, make a deposit and get betting within a minute.


There is one major confusing area, which is how to deposit and withdraw. This is because both of these options are located within the “Increase credits” area at the top of the screen.


Navigation problem with depositing and withdrawing. Other than this, the site is pretty easy to figure out and you can bet on as many games as you wish without limits. The site also offers up support via forums and a ticket system, so you can get help when you need it.

A feature that is currently here that may be of great benefit to those who are into keeping up with the games is a live bet system. This allows you to make bets while things are going on, rather than having to do it prior to the games. When utilizing this system, you can watch in real-time as the odds fluctuate (and the possible earnings as well).

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