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bitZino is a small, less-known Bitcoin gambling site that focuses on the casino-style play (with house edge, rather than playing against other people). It is written in HTML5 and employs a provably fair mechanism to all of its games. On top of this, they also utilize the SSL protocol to ensure that any information sent between you and the site is encrypted. Passwords on the site are both bcrypt hashed and salted prior to being stored, protecting your data. Let’s check out what all they have to offer!

Game Types

bitZino offers a small selection of game types, including:

      • Video Poker
      • 3 Card Poker
      • Roulette
      • Crap
      • Blackjack
      • Slots

Each of these only has one game type, so you are pretty much bound to playing the way they have them set up. You can, however, see the games prior to creating an account. This lets you see whether or not you like the games offered prior to going through the steps or making any deposits.


All games on bitZino are provably fair. Below each game is a small area that contains the relevant information, showing your next roll’s client seed and hash, as well as the results from the previous roll. Once a roll is made, you can then verify that information to ensure that it was as stated. No house edge was provided.

Player Population

bitZino is a less-known site, although when it comes to population that is not an issue. All games here are against the house, rather than other players, so population does not have any impact.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits are made easily through the site and are usually made available instantly. Sometimes a confirmation may be needed (taking up to 10 minutes), although you can send funds from a “green address” (Mt. Gox or Deepbit) to ensure that the deposit is handled in an instant.

Withdrawals are handled within 24 hours, although they are stated to usually be much faster than that.


At this point, bitZino does not have any promotions going on.


bitZino is easy to get started with. There are two methods: manual registration (requiring a username, optional email and password) and automatic. Automatic registrations work by creating an account for you, where you just need to save the link to your account to get back to it in the future. This allows maximum anonymity by not requiring any identifiable information.

Depositing funds is done through a personal address, and as soon as they are cleared you can get going with the games. It is really that simple!


While there are multiple game types offered, there are no variations. For example, with Craps you are stuck with a dice version. With slots, there is just one option.


The site is fast to get up and going, and it does preserve anonymity well, but the lack of game variations is a bit disheartening. I just can’t help but think that it would be better to focus on a couple different games but allow some different versions, rather than multiple games with just one version each.

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