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Our Rating is a Bitcoin gambling website that offers both a casino and a sports book. This allows you to gamble in pretty much any way you desire. Along with this, the site has gone through an IPO and is now partially publicly owned. The creators are already working on adding new features and games to it, and it is actively developed and maintained. To help with the financial aspect of the site, both deposits and withdrawals are handled instantly.

Games Offered offers up two different styles of games: casino and sports book. In the casino, both Baccarat and Blackjack are offered. As for the sports book, the following sports are currently supported:

      • MLB
      • NFL
      • NCAA Football
      • Tennis
      • UFC
      • Boxing
      • English/German/Italian/French/Spanish/Dutch Soccer

On top of the regular games, there is also an NFL suicide league offered that allows you to test your skills at choosing which team will win from week to week.


Both of the casino games employ a provably fair system so you can ensure that the house isn’t cheating. As for the sports games, these are proven simply by looking at the results of each game. House Edge Not Provided.

Player Population

The population of players here is somewhat small, but ever since its IPO it has been growing. The suicide pools are therefore quite small right now, but should increase in player counts over time.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are handled swiftly, and the majority of withdrawals are handled instantly. In the rare cases where a withdrawal is not instant, it should be handled within 24 hours. Deposits are always instant.


As of right now there is a free suicide pool, and while it is now closed, it helps hint at what future promotions there may be.

Ease-of-Use is easy to navigate and easy to use. Depositing is as simple as clicking a button, as is withdrawing, so you can get up and running quickly. Along with this, all game types are linked on each page, so you can easily skip from one game to another without too much trouble.

You do need an account in order to play here, but it just requires a username and password. If you want, you can also give an email address, although that is optional.


With a low population, the pools are a bit small. As the site grows this should increase, as should the rewards. Of course, this also makes them a bit harder to win.


. The site is very professional and clean, and they have done everything right. The only real problem is the population, but that is something that will just have to grow on its own over time. Past this, navigation is simple and getting involved with the different games is quick. To make things even better, the instant withdrawals mean you don’t have to sit around waiting on your money to make it back to you. You can just jump in a game, play through it and withdraw.

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