img2 (1) is an online casino provider that runs on the Bitcoin network, allowing anonymous play from anywhere in the world. They have multiple games available, including live dealer games and casino slots, ensuring everyone has games they enjoy. This opens the doors to the perfect solution for an investor that may want to run their own online casino but is not familiar with how to deal with the software development or the on-going security to help ensure that player funds are safe.

Why Choose makes it quick and easy for anyone to run their very own Bitcoin casino. Rather than having to go through the process of designing and getting one up and running, offers a solution that encompasses everything from getting things rolling in the beginning to keeping them going with updates as needed. They accept operators from all around the world, and anyone can apply to get their own casino.

What Are the Costs Like?
The costs of getting a Bitcoin casino up and running and then keeping it secure and updated is great. has a set up fee (which is only paid one time) and then takes a split of the site’s gross revenue. In return, they handle the technical side of the casino, ensuring that their operators are getting the best service available. The details as to the exact cost (and the fees taken) are handled on a site-by-site basis, so there is no way to estimate these costs. Each site is different and will require different amounts of work to get them up and keep them up.

Why Bitcoin? chose to run their platform on the Bitcoin protocol because it is safe, secure and anonymous. It allows players to easily send and receive their funds, and eliminates problems that plague most other casinos, such as fraud. Along with this, the minimization (or complete removal) of transaction fees makes getting money back and forth extremely cheap. Compare this to the regular method of sending money (such as through wire or credit cards), which can cost $20 or more and take days, and it makes sense which path is the best to take.

Conclusion is a great supplier of Bitcoin casino software. Through the use of their services anyone can create their own online casino, without having to worry about the upkeep. All an owner and operator has to do is simply deal with the marketing of their site and keep players coming in for more, and the rest is handled through the service. Since the only ongoing fee comes out of the site’s gross income, this helps ensure that there are no employees that need to be paid on a regular basis to continue development, and instead an owner can just focus on what they do best: worrying about helping bring up their site’s income level. With a great plan in place and a solid commitment to making Bitcoin casinos successful, an operator would greatly benefit from a relationship with

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