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Game Types

There are currently five games available at CoinRoyale: Blackjack, Baccarat, Video Poker, Roulette and Dice. All of these run entirely within your browser and function quite well. For Blackjack, the minimum bet is 100 satoshis and the maximum is 1 BTC. The rest of the games also come with the same minimums and differing maximums.


CoinRoyale claims to offer provably fair gaming, and has a page dedicated to explaining exactly how it all works. To help make things even more provably fair, the site offers the ability for players to set their own player seed, which further ensures that the numbers generated really are random. On top of this, the site goes a step further and helps show how the calculations on decks are made, such that players can see how the cards are chosen for the card games.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits to CoinRoyale do not require any confirmations on the blockchain. You are assigned an address and, after sending your money, you can begin wagering in seconds. Withdrawals, too, are quite fast. As long as your deposit has at least one confirmation, which will almost certainly be the case after you have played cards at the casino for a bit, then you will be free to take out your money.


CoinRoyale does not advertise any promotions on its website. On the forum, however, one administrator does promise to provide some free BTC to new players. All you have to do is post your username on the thread and the administrator will manually credit your account with an unspecified amount of Bitcoin. This amount is probably small, but it will give you a chance to try out the casino without risking your own money.


CoinRoyale definitely earns some points when it comes to ease-of-use. I have never experienced a single problem when simply using the casino. The games worked perfectly and banking was a breeze. There were no errors and the website was very well designed. This is great for the casino and will probably help it retain some players as it continues to grow.


The only real negative to the site is the lack of any social features. Being able to chat with other players about strategies and other things goes a long way towards making players feel comfortable playing. Along with this, it would also help earn the site some more play by giving added incentive to sticking around.

The Breakdown

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