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Dragon’s Tale is a Bitcoin casino unlike any other. The entire service exists within an online multiplayer game. There is a whole world for you to explore and lots of other players to interact with. There are several smaller games inside of the MMO which facilitate the gambling. This special design creates a gaming experience that is both exciting and social, and the casino aspect makes it even more fun.

Game Types

Dragon’s Tale features tons of different betting games, all within the MMO. Some are extremely simple and involve little more than searching the world for free coins. Some are strictly based on luck and others have an element of skill. Some are even player-vs.-player so you can wager against real people. The MMO itself is not the most exciting or highest quality game when compared to the professional games out there designed by multimillion dollar studios, but it still works quite well and can be entertaining.


Unfortunately, Dragon’s Tale does not provide any information that allows us to prove that the games are fair. We can probably trust the game in a general sense simply because it works well and people play it regularly, but there is no real way to prove the odds for the games. We are told, however, that the house edge for most of the luck-based games is 5%.

Player Population

One unique and interesting aspect of Dragon’s Tale is the fact that players can see each other (or at least each other’s avatars) on-screen and can interact directly. There is a chat box that makes it easy to communicate. This is very helpful when new players want to ask for assistance and when gambling against other players. Because of this, Dragon’s Tale is easily one of the most social Bitcoin betting services out there.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Direct Bitcoin deposits to Dragon’s Tale are handled exactly like most other Bitcoin casinos. You are provided with a deposit address which you can send your funds to and they will become available in the game. There is also a Bitcoin ATM which allows you to purchase Bitcoin with a credit card, but this process is heavily regulated. For instance, you cannot withdraw Bitcoins purchased with a credit card as actual Bitcoins. Instead you must cash them out to the same card. Buying Bitcoins from the U.S. is also not allowed.


There are several ways in Dragon’s Tale to earn small amounts of free Bitcoin. The most common way is by searching “Soldier Statues,” which occasionally give out free money. An affiliate program is also mentioned, which allows you to get paid for making posts about the game on forums.


As an MMO, Dragon’s Tale is definitely well made and even quite fun to play. The game is not as high quality as the popular games that are out there, but it is still very well designed. As with most multiplayer games, there is a leveling system and there are even quests, which will keep you interested in the game for quite a while. The gambling aspect is important too but the game can be enjoyable even with very little betting.


One part of Dragon’s Tale that might be an issue for some people is the fact that it requires you to download and install the program. This might be simple for some, but many would probably prefer games that run entirely within their browser. The 5% house edge is also a little high compared to other casinos, but because the game involves more than just gambling, this might not be a huge deal.


Dragon’s Tale is definitely a very unique Bitcoin betting service. Many casinos include games like slots on Bitcoin Casino, but an MMO is a completely different story. If you are looking for some real entertainment as you gamble, then this is definitely for you. The huge variety of betting games and the awesome social aspect of Dragon’s Tale make it great for all kinds of people.

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