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Peerbet is the only Bitcoin gambling site that does not have any house edge. It is a lottery-styled site that allows users to easily create their own lotteries, with as many or as few tickets as they want and for any price they want. All winnings are paid out to the winner, with no cut taken from the pot. On top of this, creating the lotteries themselves are free.

Game Types

While Peerbet offers its lottery system that has no house edge, it also offers up another game: “Spin the Wheel.” This game allows you to bet an amount and then spin a wheel. Whatever it lands on is the reward. With this game, the rewards range from 0 to 3x the original bet.


Peerbet uses a provably fair system (that utilizes the blockchain to get the result), as well as the possibility of an instant outcome. This gives maximum control to the hosting user, in that you can either trust the site or trust the blockchain. In both cases, the games work the same way (just that one is faster). Zero House Edge

Player Population

Peerbet is a pretty heavily trafficked site, with the current stats as of this posting:

  • 3,343,476 games played
  • 6,014.885 BTC won
  • 30 BTC biggest win

At any given time, there are many different raffles going on, most of which are pretty cheap (fractions of even a mBTC). With that said, you can buy as many tickets as you wish, so in essence it is really like a dice game but without the house edge.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Both depositing and withdrawing from Peerbet is fast and easy. Both of these can be done either on the blockchain (using a normal wallet) or via, allowing instant deposits and withdrawals. When it comes to withdrawing funds, there is no fee using either service, although if you choose to use the blockchain the payment will either be delayed or you will need to add in a fee of 0.0005 to cover the miner’s fee. If you do not mind waiting, though, both of these are fee-free.


As of right now, Peerbet has one promotion going on, taking place on the Bitcointalk forums. This promotion gives both existing and new players a free mBTC and can be accessed Click Here.


Peerbet has a very clean UI and it is easy to navigate. Finding lotteries to join, joining in and creating new ones is simple as well. Withdrawing and depositing is a breeze, especially with the option of for both.


While most of Peerbet is on the up-and-up, they do lack information as to what the payout percentage is on the wheel game. With the lottery having no house edge, we could assume that the wheel game would be the same, although this could be entirely wrong. Ideally this would be public information.


It is clean, efficient and it lets you get straight into the games without having to jump through hoops to do so. On top of this, it is hard to argue with a site that offers no house edge! To make matters even better, the ability to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins instantly makes it fast to jump in and jump back out.  Thus, We give this site our highest ratings.

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