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Primedice is the most modern Bitcoin dice website there is, sporting a very sleek UI and a great overall feel. It has a somewhat small amount of players on it, but for the most part the site’s bankroll helps mitigate its effects. To help draw in new players, it offers up both a chat room and its own built-in faucet, where you can get some free Bitcoins to play with (and try to build up from there).

Betting Options

Before rolling, you can choose your own edge. You can edit it either by the win chance or the payout amount, and the other one will be automatically altered to match. This lets you go with the amount of risk you feel most comfortable with, and bet the amount you wish.


All rolls are provably fair. Prior to the roll you can see both the server seed and the client seed, and after the roll you can verify that these are correct. This ensures that you know the site is not cheating you on the rolls, and that everything is accurate. House Edge 1%.

Player Population

Primedice doesn’t have a very big population, but it has a big enough bankroll that this is not too big of a problem for most players. While you are playing, you can check out the chat room and visit with other players, to help pass some time.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are made very easy. For deposits, you can either copy the address to your wallet of choice, or you can scan a QR code to speed it up. For withdrawing, you simply enter the wallet address you want funds sent to. There is a 0.0001 BTC transaction fee withdrawn from payments to help cover miner’s fees.


Primedice currently has its own built-in faucet, giving a free payment of 0.00001 BTC every minute (but you must have under that in order to claim it). This lets you play the games for free in the hopes that you can build it up.


Primedice is sporting a very modern look and a clean UI. It is easy to use and navigate, and all needed options are right there in the open. Whether you want to explore what it has to offer or you want to jump straight in to playing, it is simple to do.


The only downside to Primedice is that occasionally the site can slow down a bit. While it doesn’t affect wins or losses, it does build up anticipation.


. The site offers everything you could want from a dice site, including a great look. It looks and feels professional, and it has a bankroll that can support pretty much any player. For those who want to utilize the “martingale” method, there is even a bot built in to the site that will help simulate this for you. Prior to running it, you are able to customize how it works, so you can run your own strategy even when you are not at the site to monitor it.

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