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SatoshiCircle is a very well-designed Bitcoin gambling service with all kinds of features. At the center of the casino is a simple wheel game, but there is much more than that. With effortless banking, reward points, and a monthly draw with great prizes, this is one casino you should definitely check out.

Game Types

The only way to gamble at SatoshiCircle is with a simple wheel spinning game. You can choose from multiple wheels with different odds and payouts, make your wager, then spin. This might sound a little boring, but the casino boasts several other features that make it much more interesting.


SatoshiCircle does a great job when it comes to fair provability. The server and client seeds are provided for every single spin and the process for randomizing the outcomes is clearly described. The SHA256 hash for the server seed is given before the spin so you can verify it afterwards. In fact there is even a PHP script available on the website that allows anyone to easily complete this verification.

Player Population

There is a leaderboard on SatoshiCircle which reveals some interesting information about the highly active player base. One player has spun the wheel almost two million times. The record losing streak is an amazing 187 times in a row. The total spin counter sits around fifteen million. All of this suggests that the casino has quite a few players, many of whom gamble quite often.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Banking at SatoshiCircle is completely automated and very efficient. You are given a personal address for deposits which are credited without any confirmations so you can begin wagering in seconds. After your deposit has two confirmations you can request a withdrawal to your own address.


SatoshiCircle has quite a few perks and frills to grab players and keep them interested. For starters, simply playing the game earns you reward points. Aside from prestige, these points have almost no purpose at the moment, but the casino promises that they will be redeemable for prizes in the near future. There is a list of achievements that you can complete to earn even more points. There is a monthly draw at the casino with jackpots as high as 5 BTC. Entering the draw requires only the click of a button but having more reward points will increase your chances of winning. Lastly, there is an affiliate program that will pay you 7.5% of the profit from all of your referrals.


The SatoshiCircle game and website are very professional and easy to use. I found no errors or glitches and the whole system was simple to understand. The seamless automatic banking allows you to get started quickly and makes it easier to have lots of fun.


The fact that there is only one game available at SatoshiCircle might turn some gamblers away. Players who simply want to be entertained might not be interested in a wheel game for very long. On the other hand, there are plenty of extra and bonuses that could turn the tables a bit. The whole casino looks and feels much more exciting than just a wheel game, so I expect that the limited selection of games will cause very few problems.


SatoshiCircle is already a powerful casino but it has plenty of potential as well. The wheel game, with reward points, an extremely easy to use website, and more will draw in lots of great players, but I expect that the service can do even better. If the administrators can develop a few more games and continue their great promotions, then SatoshiCircle will likely be one of the best Bitcoin gambling services out there.

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