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Satoshibet is a Bitcoin-based casino that has been around since late April of 2013. It is pretty well known, although it is not too large, only spanning across a few different games. Even so, it has its place among the community. It allows zero-confirmation deposits, is provably fair and has one awesome feature that most others don’t have: along the top of the screen it has a tally of the total games played and the total amount of Bitcoins won (denoted in mBTC). Let’s check out what all it has to offer!

Game Types

Satoshibet has three different game types right now:

  • Roulette
  • Casino War
  • Lucky 7

Each of these only has one variation, but you can play them in both real money and play money modes, so you can practice before you throw real money at it, and learn what you like to play.


All games utilize a provably fair system, although the information is sort of hidden on the page. It is located along the very bottom left, out of the way of the game. Clicking this shows both the last hand and the next hand, so you can copy down the information prior to each roll and see if your results match what the server says. House Edge is Not Provided.

Player Population

Satoshibet is a more well-known site, although it is hard to judge the player population. Since the games are all against the house, this does not really matter though.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits are handled instantly, with no confirmations necessary. This lets you get up and running fast and easily. Withdrawals are also handled fast, allowing you to cash out when you need to.


Satoshibet does not have any true promotions, also they do offer an affiliate program that rewards you with 25% of the house edge from all bets made by referrals forever. This can really add up if you refer people to the site.


Satoshibet is easy to get going with. The entire casino runs in the browser, so there is no download necessary. There are also no accounts, allowing fully anonymous play. Tack this on with the lack of needed confirmations on deposits, and you can start playing almost as soon as you hit the website.


The games are all provably fair, but the mechanism for getting the data requires looking out of the normal scope of vision. The boxes for provably fair data are located below a link in the bottom left side of the screen, below everything else. At first glance of the site, it is easy to miss this and it is arguably one of the most important parts of any gambling sites.


The site is anonymous and doesn’t even ask for an account, which is great. Furthermore, making deposits is extremely quick, as is withdrawing. The problem comes with the lack of games to choose from. With three games (currently) and no variations of those, it can get a little dull. As more games are added over time, though, this should get better.

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